February 2012

A patient came to see me last week with a sore foot ( sore for about 2 years).

Previous therapy from a hospital had not helped. A surgeon had offered surgery which she did not want. One session of dry needling to the muscles of her foot have rendered her pain free and able to wear heeled boots.

She described it as a “miracle”…….”I could not believe it”.


“I’ve had no bother(with ingrowing nails) since you did them”

These in growing nails were treated 2 years ago


This is Ken the Podiatrist mentioning two recent cases.

Case 1.

A man has gone from  hardly being able to put his foot on the ground first thing in the morning because of heel pain to being pain free after three dry needling sessions.

He had pain in his heel which had not responded to cortisone injections.

We quickly realised the pain was coming from a trigger point in his calf muscle and dry needling that area has produced dramatic improvement.

Case 2.

One lady had quite severe pain in the ball of one foot on walking and standing very noticable first thing in the morning.

She came for four dry needling sessions and can now be pain free as long as she does a few stretches which I had suggested.  Very good outcome.


“I tried the the exfoliating foot bath gel, it was wonderful! I steeped my feet in a basin of water added sachet No 1  and the water turned to gel! I peddled my feet about in the gel for as long as the water stayed warm then I added sachet No2 and the gel turned back to water! A-maz-ing! My feet were amazing too they felt younger than their 62 years and the nails were easier to trim. This stuff was so impressive I went back to Kenny for more.”


“I was walking on air after my last visit”


“that’s great …..in fact that’s fantastic”

This person had a really sore heel making them walk awkwardly. They have attended for two dry needling sessions and have experienced a large reduction in pain.